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Home Made Cookies

A variety of chocolate chunk, macadamia, white chocolate, oatmeal raisin, coconut crunch
DES003S:Small (10-12)  $44.99     DES003M: Medium (15-20) $54.99    
DES003L: Large (25-30)   $99.99

Home Made Brownies

A variety of chocolate Brownie , Coconut, Caramel, Capacino, Dark Fudge, Salted Pretzel
DES003S:Small (10-12)  $64.99     DES003M: Medium (15-20) $79.99    
DES003L: Large (25-30)   $129.99

Fresh Fruit Platter

A medley of the freshest in season fruits, Presented in a wicker basket.
DIS004M: Medium (15-20) . .  $54.99  DIS004L: Large (25-35)  $89.99